High Bridge Wind Project

Company name : Calpine, based in Texas

Calpine is in the process of creating an industrial energy generating facility throughout the township of Guilford by building 25- 676' turbines and leasing and controlling large portions of the land that make up Guilford.

Size: 676'- These turbines will be the largest land turbines on earth.

NYSERDA : New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Article 10:  A  developed process to streamline the permitting requirements for wind development.

The article 10 process has begun for the High Bridge Wind Project.

The Guilford Town Board is now tasked with writing a wind law to regulate, among other things, the noise and the minimum distance a turbine can be built from a residence, also known as the set-back distance.

Important things to know

Health and environmental risks of 676' turbines

Noise: Steady noise above 35dBA violates a residents’ right to quiet enjoyment,  Steady noise causes sleep disturbance, headaches, depression and stress.

Infrasound: Low frequency sound your ears can’t hear but your body still feels, with constant exposure, infrasound can cause stress, sleep disturbance, headaches and depression.

Property Values:  Documented at a 22% to 45% loss and in some cases a total loss with residents abandoning their homes without being able to find a buyer.            A property value guarantee is needed in the wind law.

Shadow Flicker: Has serious health effects including nausea, dizziness, vertigo, headaches and migraines. Imagine a constant stream of shadows moving across your home and property.

Wild life: Turbines kill bats that are essential to our ecosystem which results in an economic impact to our area. Bird kills, including our protected eagles.

Wildlife abandonment around turbines has been reported at existing facilities.

Expansion: Areas that have Industrial wind generating facilities are usually expanded upon. If you are not in a turbine zone you may be in a future expansion.

Construction:  heavy equipment noise and heavy truck traffic is disruptive to daily life and damaging to roads.

Blasting and construction is a threat to aquifers (many residents have received mailers requesting the locations of their wells).

any more hazards: Blade fail, fire, and ice throw, flashing lights day and night..

just to name a few