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CGNR, of Guilford is a diverse group of local volunteers. We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty and serenity of our town and our quality of life. We are NOT opposed to “Green Energy”.  We are however, mindful that any initiatives undertaken need to be done responsibly.

 As it is written in our NYS constitution, the top priority of our local legislators must be to protect the rights, safety and well-being of ALL Guilford residents

 Unadilla Valley 1788-1976 by
Mert Brownell
This passage written by those who where here before us.

The memories which I love are these:
The fragrance of pine and balsam trees,
Coffee, herbs and sizzling bacon,

Sight of morning sun- - newly wakened,
Fragrant ferns and new mown hay- -
The smell of the woods on a rainy day,
Smoke of birch logs on a blaze,

A mountain peak above the haze,
The song of the whip-poor-will in the night,
The wavering fires of the northern lights,
The messenger birds high pitched song;
The morning star above the dawn ,
Crashes of thunder in the night,

The silver moon gleaming white,
The melody of an Indian song,
A shimmering lake in the early dawn,
Sweet odor of evening- - these thoughts last;
The spirit they cause is never past.
By Aren Akweks.