Listen to an actual recording of a small wind turbine recorded @ 20m from tower.

Sampling rate - 48,000 Hz

Bit depth - 24 bits

SoundDevices MixPre-3 Recorder

Sennheiser ME66 Microphone

The Issues:

  • Infrasound- What you can’t hear can hurt you. Research has revealed equilibrium disruption, cardio-pulmonary and other physical issues.

  • Noise annoyance- Audible sounds heard at some homes are validated as extremely annoying.

  • Property value loss- Multiple studies show 20%-40% reduction in property value.

  • Annual net loss to surrounding area- Estimated financial impact factors that include higher taxes, higher electric bills, lower property values and others.

  • Avian/bat mortality- The spinning blades kill birds and bats.

  • Habitat fragmentation- Construction of turbine sites will significantly alter ecosystems impacting wildlife.

  • Ice throw- Travel as far as 1700 feet from the turbine.

  • Shadow flicker- Blades blocking the sun cause a strobe effect.

  • Blade fail- Could initiate a tower collapse.

  • Fire- No capability to fight a turbine fire, which releases toxins and can spread to woodland areas.

  • Threat to aquifer- Could pose a significant threat to our wells, springs and water quality.

  • Viewshed loss- Rolling hills in its natural state replaced by industrial development 65 stories high.

  • Dark sky loss- Clear night skies replaced with flashing lights on every wind turbine.

  • Wind turbine syndrome- Low frequency sound from wind turbines can cause a long list of ailments.

  • Equilibrium disruption- Another ailment caused by low frequency sound.


High Bridge Wind Is Not In Compliance With Town Laws

In spite of Guilford's extremely lenient and non-protective setback and height requirements written into their new "Alternate Energy Law", High Bridge Wind illustrates (in their own graphic submitted in their revised application) that they are NOT in compliance in several very important areas. 

Key take-aways:

Setbacks don't meet Town law requirements for:

  • Non-Participating residential structures

  • Non-Residential Non-Participating structures

  • Public roads

  • Sensitive sites

Please tell our government officials how you feel about Big Wind companies taking advantage of our communities. Follow these links to contact your government officials.

Voice your opposition to the High Bridge Wind Project to the Siting Board on the NYS DMM Website!


Donations Are Needed To Help Save Guilford From High Bridge Wind

The Guilford Coalition of Non-Participating Residents (GCNR, The Coalition) is honored to represent our friends, neighbors and property owners in and around Guilford that are opposed to High Bridge Wind Industrial Wind Electric Generating facility being planned for our town. 

We are entering the “home stretch” of our litigation efforts in the NYS Article 10 Process but there is still an ongoing legal effort that we must maintain in order to stay in the fight. It is anticipated that this will continue on into March of 2021 when a decision is rendered by the Siting Board. Additionally, depending on the Board’s decision, we are preparing to take the fight to the NYS Supreme Court of Appeals if necessary.

As in any legal litigation, it is a very costly endeavor. Funding is a critical and essential factor. We realize that 2020 has been a tough year financially for many folks. However, with the fate of our beautiful town lingering in the balance, we need to reach out to our supporters for help with a contribution to the Coalition’s legal fund. These contributions are used strictly for legal representation and costs of expert witnesses and testimonies as we prepare for the upcoming hearings. None of this goes towards local administrative costs. We are all volunteers and receive no compensation for our efforts.

We are asking you now to help us in our efforts to save Guilford and preserve our way of life by sending a check directly to our legal trust fund maintained by our legal representatives (do not send directly to the Coalition).  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at We thank you in advance for your generosity and support. 



Bill Pratt

Col. (Ret.) Jennifer Caci

Founding Partners, GCNR

To Donate:

Make checks payable to:

The Zoghlin Group and mark in the note: For GCNR Trust. Send to:         The Zoghlin Group

                    300 State Street, Suite 502

                    Rochester, New York 14614

Public Opinion Survey Results

Guilford/Mt. Upton NY Project Area


About Us


The Guilford Coalition of Non-Participating Residents (GCNR / The Coalition) is a public interest stakeholder group concerned with the potential public health & safety, economic, environmental, overall community character, and other negative impacts of the proposed High Bridge Wind project.  The Coalition was formed in July 2019 by a partnership between Colonel (Ret.) Jennifer Caci and Bill Pratt.  The partnership is supported by a 12-member steering committee made up of dedicated neighbors devoted to the well-being of our community. 


Our mission is to represent the interests and concerns of the non-participating* residents, non-resident property owners and those in neighboring communities who are likely to be negatively affected and are opposed to the construction of the proposed 100.8 megawatt major industrial wind energy electric generating facility in the Town of Guilford, New York.  We are not opposed to alternate energy solutions but insist that such initiatives be brought about responsibly and with the consent of the majority of all citizens in the host community.


We will accomplish this mission through presentation of factual, substantiated facts and solicitation of expert testimonies in the areas of public and environmental health, socioeconomic impacts, and other areas deemed detrimental to the well-being of those affected, through legal representation in the NYS DPS Article 10 siting process.  In addition to representing the opposition at the state level, we will support and assist other individuals and organizations on local, statewide and national levels who share in the opposition of major industrial wind generating facilities being built in, or too close to, populated areas.


* Note:  A “non-participating resident” is a resident in the host community (Guilford) who does not have an   

               agreement (lease, easement or good neighbor agreement).


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Guilford Government

The Guilford Town Hall, Justice Court, and Highway Garage are located at: 223 Marble Road Guilford, NY  13780. The Town Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall.  Residents are invited to attend. Town Phone number:  (607) 895-9966 Town Fax number: (607) 895-6042

Town Supervisor

George Seneck (O) (607) 895-9966    (H) (607) 895-6282 Email: Office hours:  10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Mon, Wed, Fri,  10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Sat (from Jan - May and Nov - Dec), 10:00 am - 12:00 pm the last Sat of the month only (Jun - Oct), and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Tues.

Town Clerk

Barbara Knowles (607) 895-9966 Email: Office hours:   9:00 am - 1:00 pm on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri,  4:00 pm - 6:30 pm on Tues, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm on Sat (from Jan - May and Nov - Dec), 9:00 am - 12:00 pm the last Sat of the month only (Jun - Oct).

Town Justice

Judge Richard B. Winsor  (O) (607) 895-6831 

Judge Jeremy Persons (O) (607) 895-6831

Court hours:   Tues and Thurs at 6:00 pm, ADA night is the second Tues of the month at 4:00 pm.  ADA phone (607) 337-1745.

Tax Assessor

Matthew Lippitt    (O) (607) 895-6827 Email: Office hours:  10:00 am - 1:00 pm on Wednesday and other times by appointment.

Highway Supervisor

Bob Fleming (O) (607) 895-6816   (C) (607) 226-4555

Dog Control

Robert Sharkey    (H) (607) 764-8347    (O) (607) 895-9966 Hours:  7 am - 7 pm


Tom Gray (H) (607) 895-6532 Email:

Planning Board

Call Chairman Bob Davis  (H) (607) 895-6390 or the Town Clerk  Email:

Town Board Councilmembers

Ken Fogarty  (H) (607) 895-6975     OR

Terry Ives     (H) (607) 895-6641     OR

Tom Ives      (H)  (607) 336-1126     OR

Gilda Ward   (H)  (607) 764-8303    OR

Water Districts

Jeff Fuller    (Guilford)     (H) (607) 764-8783

Paul Heath (Mt. Upton)  (H) (607) 895-6432

Septic Inspector

Tom Parkhurst  (H) (607) 895-6168

Heading 4

Press Release

For Immediate Release

State Siting Board Ignores Local Concerns in Approving The High Bridge Wind Major Industrial Electric Generating Facility In The Town Of Guilford, NY.

Guilford, NY. March 12, 2021

On March 11 the State of New York took another step towards environmental disaster by approving the construction of a 100 megawatt industrial power facility in rural Guilford, against the desires of the majority of the town’s non-participating residents. (a non-participating resident is one who has not contracted with the developer and receives compensation for leased property, easements or "good neighbor" agreements.)

Realistically speaking the state does not need the power the High Bridge Wind project will supply. Demand for electricity is projected to fall in the coming years and 90% of the electricity consumed in upstate New York is already produced by zero carbon sources. Despite the lack of any clear benefit to the public, the State Siting Board voted, without meaningful review or deliberation during the hearing, to approve the 25 turbine High Bridge Industrial Wind Project.

The Guilford Coalition of Non-Participating Residents was formed in July 2019 to represent those residents and property owners of Guilford and neighboring communities who stand to be negatively impacted by the construction of this facility.

Throughout the course of the Article 10 procedures, the Coalition raised serious and well-substantiated concerns about the project which were acknowledged by the Siting Board, yet were ultimately ignored in rendering their decision. Some of the important issues raised were as follows:

The Siting Board refused to allow testimony regarding the potential negative impact to property values (thereby suppressing tax assessments and local tax revenue), even though this issue is a reality in many other project locations around the world.

The Siting Board refused to apply wind turbine noise exposure limits adopted by the World Health Organization in 2018 or consider continuous and pulse noise separately (thereby relying on an irresponsible method of averaging the sound over time), instead opting to expose Guilford’s residents to harmful levels of turbine noise. Although science is fluid and each case is unique, on multiple occasions the Siting Board justified their decision based on “previous project approvals”, regardless of how unrelated those approvals may have been.

Unbelievably, the Siting Board refused to move even a single turbine that is likely to exacerbate the preexisting medical conditions of a local resident, while at the same time admitting that a significant majority of the feedback received during the comment period was against the project.

There were also a series of concerning procedural irregularities in the proceeding, including an unfair distribution of funding to a town government that was supportive of the project; refusal to address relevant issues in the proceeding; failure to censure High Bridge Wind’s attorneys for wrongfully withholding key information about noise impacts from the Coalition; forgoing the local public comment hearings required by statute under the pretext of COVID; forgoing cross examination hearings; failing to issue a recommend decision by the judges for public review and objections.

As you may recall, last July one of the two local ad hoc members of the seven-member Siting Board resigned. In his resignation letter, he stated that “New York State's desire to become expedient at approving renewable energy projects has caused it [the Siting Board] to become callous and reckless." He went on to accuse the Siting Board of “willfully misinterpreting Section 168 of Article 10 is evidence it has no intention of protecting the welfare of the communities impacted neither by this project nor to fulfill its true responsibility of protecting the public interest. It has no intention of doing its job.” He went on to say that the Siting Board accepted ambiguous definitions that were manipulative, ill-conceived and puts the common good and general welfare of the communities the Siting Board is charged with protecting in harm's way." He concluded by stating that “Community participation in the form of ad hoc membership has proven disingenuous and to lack true merit. It seems to be for the sole purpose of offering the appearance that NYS is concerned for the public's welfare.”

The Coalition is considering its next steps, which will include a petition for rehearing and may include a lawsuit in state or federal court.